– “Tell me how he died.”

-“I will tell you how he lived.”

The Last Samurai, 2003


In memory of Marek Rudnik.

Who was Marek?


Every time when somebody asks me that question the simplest answer is: Marek was a wonderful person. Everyone who knew him or spent time with him was “infected” by his positive attitude, genuine optimism and good sense of humour. He was a man with a heart of gold. He was an unselfish person who frequently helped those in need, whom most of us would pass by indifferently.  He changed many people’s lives, not only by lending a hand, but also by setting an example, by showing how to live your life and how to be open-minded to others. On the one hand, he was an extremely caring family man, on the other, very firm and creative person. He was truly a real source of strength and the life and soul of the party.

Marek had many interests, but three of them were his true passions: fishing, trekking and cooking. And because of that last one, “Gotowanie to nie wyzwanie” (“Cooking is not a challenge”) blog was started. It was created for Marek and was supposed to be run by him, so that he could publish his sophisticated and amazing recipes. His approach to cooking was  planned and careful, but also seasoned with a little bit of chaos and improvisation. By changing recipes without limitation and creating totally new dishes he joyfully played with tastes. Unfortunately, at age 39 he unexpectedly passed away leaving behind many unfulfilled dreams and enormous void. This blog is run by his wife and daughter, who are supported by their family and  friends. They run it according to Marek’s wishes and in memory of him.


What can you find on “Gotowanie to nie wyzwanie”?


Dear Reader, “Gotowanie to nie wyzwanie” is a culinary blog with a vast array of recipes. Are you looking for inspiration for a new topping to your meal? Or a dressing to a starter or a salad which will satisfy even choosy eaters? Or perhaps a new idea for a main course? You can find in this blog recipes for main dishes, soups, creams based on both Polish and foreign tradition. Also, a sweet tooth person will spot some recipes for baked goods, desserts, drinks, cocktails, or preserves.

If you are searching for something new, or if you feel like trying different variations of the same old meal, then this blog is for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional cook, a self taught person, or a beginner to a culinary adventure. Cooking is really not a challenge, all you need is to try, and with our recipes you will definitely succeed. Marek often inspired around him people who thought they were hopeless in the kitchen, who eventually would discover a taste for cooking. It was Marek, who aroused our passion for cooking. Maybe you, too, will develop an interest in a fascinating world of gastronomy. There are endless possibilities, techniques and tastes – try, experiment, change, but most of all have fun, because cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. With our help, you’ll see that a seemingly difficult duty at the beginning, can be a simple, pleasant, easy to prepare at the end. There is almost in every recipe a “Good advice” section, additional instructions, which compliment a “raw” recipe. We don’t hide anything by the name “secret ingredient” in this blog. Everything is clear and straightforward here, so that everybody could achieve a similar result at the privacy of one’s kitchen. Who knows, maybe even better…

Family and friends…

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